What is MMSSTV?  MMSSTV is a program developed by JE3HHT- Makoto Mori for amateur radio operators to transmit and receive analog SSTV signals using a PC soundcard.

With this SSTV (slow scan television) utility, images can be sent and received using a computer, a keying circuit and a ham radio.  The ham radio can be VHF or HF. SSTV also known and narrowband television, is a method of transmitting and receiving static pictures via radio.

The program offers several useful options, such as auto slant adjust, auto mode select, morse ID and others.  The view options include the spectral display (FFT or FM demodulator), spectral display range, spectral trail, sensitivity and response.  A digital scope is also available among the viewing options.  Thumbnail browsing is fast and OLE support is ensured.

Setting up the audio levels for receiving and transmitting will require some experimenting, just as the case is with other pieces of software.  Several SSTC modes can be chosen, including Martin 1 and 2 and also Scottie 1 and 2.  Once a SSTV signal is found, manual tuning can be performed easily enough. This program is freeware in version 1.0 and later, forever.

MMSSTV does not add anything to the Windows registry and be be deleted by removing the entire directory where MMSSTV is installed.

Link to MMSSTV Webpage     https://hamsoft.ca/pages/mmsstv.php


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