This User Guide is based on a document written by Ed Worst - K9EW  &  Vern Schultz - K9LAE. I only take credit for converting it to web pages for easy access without leaving this website. You might prefer to download the original document so that you can print it out. It can be downloaded by clicking on the following link: EasyPal User Guide Document


It is ideal if everyone is using the same version of EasyPal, however, we have found that the current public release version of 3 Feb 2014 is quite compatible with later Beta versions that we have tested. When a new version is released in Beta form, it will be thoroughly tested prior to release as the next public version.


The previously installed version of EasyPal must be uninstalled using the Add/Remove application  win the Windows Control Panel.  Removing the program will not remove the configuration information from the previous version.

Use the default choices during the installation, but click the 'Install Desktop Icon' for easy access to the program.


The top-level headings on the toolbar are: Setup, Action, LoadPic, LoadAny, Copy, Paste. WFPic, WFTxt, Rptr, FTP, Prog, Clear, About.