The WA SSTV NET is an informal group of like minded radio amateurs who get together to send and receive images or text, make comments and have a chat. The net operates on 40 meters on 7.214MHz, using EasyPal digital software program for Windows, Modes used are Standard or Hybrid.

Saturday EasyPal in Standard mode. Sunday MMSSTV In Analogue mode. Monday EasyPal In Hybrid mode. Tuesday EasyPal In Standard mode. Wednesday MMSSTV In Analogue mode Thursday EasyPal In Standard mode. Friday EasyPal In Hybrid mode.

The group also runs Analogue SSTV sessions on Sundays and Wednesdays starting at the same time and frequency using MMSSTV SSTV Software.

In winter, when the conditions on 40 meters prevent its use, you will find us on 80 meters at 3.630Mhz also between 0800 UTC and 0900 UTC (4PM Local) time.

This Analogue software has a huge following around the world. During the summer months, 40 Meters often has better operating conditions than 80 Meters, so the Analogue session can be found on 7.214MHz or there abouts.

All amateurs are welcome to join in either sending images or just in receive mode. As are Foundation licence holders .

Short Wave Listeners are welcome to join in as well. See our information page for more information.

Our counterparts in the Eastern States operate most days on 7.208 MHz and can often be heard from early evening local time.

Also on 7.171 Mhz There is an infomal group using analog transmissions.

There are other SSTV nets on various bands, a popular international one being on 20 meters at 14.230 (analogue) and 14.233 (Digital)

Although the WA DSSTV Net is an informal group, you can still get in touch to get more information on what we do, how to set up EasyPal etc.  You can either come up on frequency during or after the session and we will try to answer your questions or otherwise fill in the contact form below and someone will get back to you.

 Short Wave listeners are encouraged to contact us using the form below to get SWL identification to put into the callsign field of the EasyPal setup screen.  This will identify you to those sending pictures and saves the confusion of having NOCALL multiple time in the received OK window.

Click Look here for a snippet from Tony VK6ATI .

Click here to Contact us for further information.