EasyPal is a digital SSTV program using a soundcard to encode and decode the SSTV signals. It’s also a very flexible software tool for sending and receiving files other than picture files.

EasyPal uses Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) encoding which enables the data to be sent over a narrow (2.5 KHz) channel on HF or VHF frequencies in a very short period of time. The author, Erik Sundstrup (VK4AES), has been very responsive to all requests for features and modifications with development of the software ongoing. This has resulted in EasyPal becoming arguably the best digital SSTV software available to radio amateures.  

With the EasyPal software, a Station can send jpg, pdf, txt, doc, and xls files plus some built-in forms such as the ICS-213 and ICS-213 (ARES) forms. EasyPal will also send and receive email when a station designated as the EasyPal Repeater has access to the Internet. Our group hasn't tried many of these features at this stage.

Our EasyPal net includes a number of stations within TX/RX range of each other on 40m and a net controller. All stations have these basic requirements - a computer to run Easypal, a transceiver, a PC to tranceiver interface and an internet connection. Although not strictly necessary, some sort of PC to tranceiver interface makes for operating convenience.

The latest public release of EasyPal can be downloaded HERE.
Note: This is the latest release of EasyPal and  it IS NOT backward compatible with previous versions